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What can you do with GTField?

Functions of the Maps View module

Displays user's location on the map in real-time. Displays Google Maps such as worlwide roadmap, satellite and terrain data. Which helps users view high resolution backdrop maps in normal mode, terrain and satellite image modes. Display geospatial data from GeoServer's geospatial data, which helps users view their available map data in conjunction with built-in GPS on iPhone, iPad. Display offline maps, helping users save Internet bandwidth when conducting field or maritime field research in the maritime field. Show all waypoints and routes that have passed so users can find their way back in the forest or on the sea. Show geo-tagged images on the map

Tools of the Maps View module

Search for natural sites and addresses, for preliminary research in the study area. Search archived information. Download and share geo-spatial data provided by GeoServer, which makes displaying offline data without the Internet. Record reference landmarks, and routes, to help users mark landmarks in the field or at sea and rediscover the route traveled. Can be opened in GPX format from handheld GPS receivers. Export data collected through GPX format to Google Earth.

Functions of the Camera module

GeoTagged geotagged photography (using digital camera and GPS equipped with iPhone and iPad to get GPS information at the time of taking photos to create GeoTagged images). The name and description are stored inside the image file, users can edit this information. Export geo-tagged photo data to Google Earth in GPX format including photos.

Connectivity and access to resources

Enter the URL of the GeoServer server, which allows users to connect to the GeoServer server software via the Internet or directly on the PC via the internal Wifi network. Access and list all map data layers from GeoServer. Select layers to display overlapping geospatial data on Google Maps. Select the layer to access the attribute information, helping users look up information by touching on the map.